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Deeply impressed by her understanding of cats | Cat Sitting Review

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    Cori J
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I first learned of Christine Sherlock’s pet sitting service, Top Quality Pet Sitting, in 2000. The cat-rescue organization (no longer in New Jersey) from which I had adopted two kittens referred me. Henry and Billu were barely eight months old, and I couldn’t bear the thought of “abandoning” them to a vet’s cage or kennel when I went on a two-week trip.

From the moment I met Christine, I was deeply impressed by her understanding of cats. She made a point, when meeting my “boys,” to touch them and talk to them in my presence. She also intuited their personalities—Billu extremely extraverted, Henry an introverted hideaway guy—without my needing to tell her. Although I left her rather compulsive instructions (which I still do to this day), I went on my trip convinced that they would be fine.

And they were. They were delighted when I returned. But clearly they had not been starved for attention. This has been true when I’ve returned from every trip: they’re happy the family’s together again, but they have been played with and fed well. On two occasions, they got a LOT of attention: because of workmen coming, Christine let them stay at her house. This was service above and beyond what many pet sitters would have done. Christine, knowing animals, knew that times when workmen came to the house was the time cats have (sometimes tragically) escaped. To this day, her kindness stands out.

In recent years, Christine’s busy schedule and family obligations have led to my kitties being cared for by her associate, Julian. Julian has an extraordinary way with cats, and he has a fondness for both Billu and Russell (Sadly, I lost Henry two years ago to cancer.). A woman who cleans and looks after my house has been present when Julian comes, and she reports that he spends a lot of “playtime” with them and is very loving toward them.

What more could a cat parent want? Top Quality Pet Sitting lives up to its name, and I am so fortunate to be able to call on them whenever I need them.

Cori J.
Readington Township, NJ